We teach photography on a range of levels. If you are a beginner who has never taken their camera from its box or an advanced user keen on learning new techniques, we tailor our lessons to your needs and requests. We teach in our gallery and apply the learned outdoors. A beginner’s package of three lessons (60 min each) is recommended. Cost is £25/hour, £75 in total.

We also teach Lightroom post-editing and continuous tuition with set tasks.

Workshops are posted on here on a regular basis.

For further enquiries please email info@knowletop.com or call us on 07575177171.


Some comments from recent students:

“Just completed a series of 3 excellent Photography Workshops, informative & enjoyable. Looking forward to attending some themed Workshops in the future, would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get the most out of their camera!” C.T., Clitheroe, 22.5.18

“Just finished my 3rd Masterclass of Photography and learnt so much, just need to put it all into practice now! Enjoyed it so much! Thank you, Duncan and Irene. Looking forward to the next ones.” B.B.,Clitheroe, 17.5.18

Next workshop: to be announced