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Wild Art Fund

With help of my photography, I have been privileged to support many conservation projects over the years. I’m always happy to provide images for fundraising, educational purposes or awareness-rising. Thus I started “Wild Art Fund” as a platform to raise moneys for conservation projects through art. Please see the Boutique on this page for collector’s prints which help raise money for conservation projects. Currently I’m donating to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Rocking for Rhinos in Limpopo, South Africa and the Coastal Heritage Preserve in Galveston, Texas.

As a nature and wildlife photographer, I believe it’s a duty to give back a little towards conservation efforts. The regions I’ve been privileged to live and work in are closest to my heart and as I know the grassroots conservationists personally, I am convinced their work makes a difference and can assure you that any moneys raised go directly into the right hands.

Over the years I have put signature pieces of mine up for sale with the revenue going straight to these organisation

Rocking for Rhinos

Rocking fro Rhinos is a South African based non-profit organisation brought to live by people in Hoedspruit, Limpopo as a response to the crisis in poaching. This grassroots organisation fundraises for anti-poaching units and their badly needed equipment.

I am selling authentic South African bush straps with the Rocking for Rhinos logo. 100% of the revenue of these Bush Straps goes directly to Rocking for Rhinos.

Please visit the shop section “Wild Art Fund” to purchase



“The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) has worked tirelessly for over 45 years to save wildlife and habitats, with our vision being a world in which both humans and wildlife prosper in harmony with nature. From the smallest frog to the majestic rhino; from sweeping grasslands to arid drylands; from our shorelines to winding rivers: the EWT is working with you, to protect our world.”

Endangered Wildlife Trust

50% of the revenue of all African prints below goes to the EWT. Please visit the shop section “Wild Art Fund” to purchase

Coastal Heritage Preserve

The Artist Boat Coastal Heritage Preserve currently encompasses a 605 acre conservation area on West Galveston Island with the goal of preserving and restoring 1,400 contiguous acres from beach to bay. It is adjacent to West Bay, part of the Galveston Bay system – an estuary of national significance. The conservation area is one of the largest unfragmented, single-owner, undeveloped properties of its kind on Galveston Island, approximately midway along the 32-mile length of the barrier island.

The Coastal Heritage Preserve will allow for public access to view and appreciate the barrier island habitats. The scale of the ultimate project will serve as a regional amenity, bringing a much-needed opportunity for the public and students to connect with Galveston Bay and the barrier island ecosystems.

Implementation of the Coastal Heritage Preserve Initiative is a multi-phased project. The initial phase combines protecting habitat via land acquisition, providing a launching platform for the expansion of Artist Boat programming, and planning for long-term management of the Preserve. An intermediate phase will involve habitat restoration, plus development of trails, boardwalks, viewing platforms, improved kayak access, parking, and interpretive signage. Eventually, the Preserve could provide the site for a “green” building that would be a model for coastal development and house facilities for Artist Boat and the community, including classrooms, meeting space, environmental arts gallery, laboratories, dormitories for overnight stays , and administrative offices.

The most recent expansion of the Coastal Heritage Preserve comes from the acquisition of 68 additional acres of the proposed Anchor Bay subdivision